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Polish Pete

What to say about this bloke – he’s a handsome top-lad and they don’t come fitter than him! It’s all in the name really innit??

So, if imagining the beefiest, brawniest, inked-up Skinhead top in full skin gear and big fuck-off Dr.Martin’s gives you a massive hard-on, then he’s the guy you do want to meet down the back of a dark alley on a winter’s night (or any other time of year too, thinkin’ about it!) ‘cos he’ll have you begging for more of whatever he’s dishing out (cock, slaps, gob – you name it!) before you can get yer “safe” word out!

And if he’s got you bound and gagged for a good ole’ s&m session that might be a bit difficult an’ all!!

Maybe he’ll lend you a pen and paper if he’s in a good mood!! But then you don’t really want lads like Pete in a good mood do ya??

You want them mean, moody and horny as fuckin’ hell – just like Skinboss Pete.

Grab a load of him now in all his Triga glory!!

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Triga Films is a UK film company specialising in gay adult material. We were early pioneers of chav, scally, "straight lad" and working class gay films, the company started in 1997 with the release of its first film entitled Skinhead, about the British skinhead phenomenon and its links to gay working class culture, or gay skinheads.


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